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Kabul in pictures

School girls- the uniform is the same all over.

Just outside Kabul City Centre (shopping centre), Share Naw

British CF on foot as a child cries on..

this is the most coolest thing ever, on a hot day as your walking on the road and come across cucumbers… mmmm.. look closely, you’ll see the knives and the salt. Self serve at it’s best, kabul style! This is how one person supports his/her whole family.

Oh do i hate this place or what? it’s full of men and extremely crowded. must have a lot of patience for a place like this. not to mention stalkers.

inside Kabul city centre, it’s a hotel and shopping centre!!

yep, the cars outnumber the people. this is what they call driving.

Freshly baked bread, the smell makes a full stomach hungry! the beauty about it is that theres a bakery only walking distance from any house.

Afghan jewelry, the best in the world!

Fruit stalls at night, no street lights, so they use the lanterns.

a woman in a chadari…

Years since his death, Masood looks on and is widely loved.

Kabul Serena HOtel… shocked? me too!

Kabul Serena Hotel- an absolute beauty.

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”For afghans, there’s no such thing as being late… ‘late’ doesnt exist” NK

(that’s so true! no one here walks fast, let alone run. so when i walk fast, ppl think i’m a nut! but Afghans don’t walk fast, even if they’re running ‘late’.)

**Ahem** it’s me again, that’s if you remember me! Yeah, yeah i know i have been slack. Well not really, I’ve just been busy with work and life. I have recieved constant demands to continue my blog (Thanks for the support) so here i am writing.

Well i’m pretty sure you’ve heard the latest happenings in Afghanistan, Kandahar and the Dirty South isn’t behaving. Anti-govt elements (AGEs) are constantly attacking. the scary thing is that the Taliban have gained access to SAM (Surface to air missile) and have targeted an international helicopter. What next?

There’s an international post available, the pay is good but i’m after the position. i’m not too sure if i should apply, most people are encouraging me. But i can’t believe some of the people that are actually JEALOUS if i get that post and are discouraging me. i dont know what to say to them.. it disgusts me.

OH MY GOD… i discovered the wonderful world of DVDs… 🙂 yep, that means good quality DVDs for like $2US per cd. i bought the entire series of Prison Break2 for $12. And i bought the entire 10 season of friends too. they have the latest movies and everything! i finally found something to spend my money on. there’s literally nothing else to spend my cash on! maybe souvenirs.

I’m thinking of buying my mum a washing machine 🙂 i dont wanna get anything too luxurious because i keep thinking theres no point, we might get bombed and lose everything. but then again, it’s part of life.

Since my last post, i’ve become more accepting (but not conforming to society). i’ve accepted everything and i tell myself it’s only temporary, i’m pretty sure that one day i will reflect on this as a rewarding experience. Australia is always there, i hope! and one day i will return…

Yeah, believe it or not they have limousines here. this is the one we got for my sisters engagement 🙂

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