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Farewell, Bukhari*

*An Afg heater filled with saw dust or firewood.

Am so glad we can finally get rid of this! the weather has warmed up to 10 degrees celcius. Still not warm, but much better than the minus weather. It takes up too much space in the room, looks ugly because it has a huge pipe attached from the wall to the bukhari in an upside down ‘L’. But it did us good.

I didn’t have one in my room because of the maintenance and the smoke and soot.I survived through the winter with my gas heater and 3 blankets. Sometimes even a jacket and a woolen scarf wrapped around my head.

And that was my first complete winter in Kabul.
Cruel winter days, glad it’s over.

This is what a bukhari looks like – Thanks for the pic, Hik

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Kabul in pictures IV

^ Ohmigawd, Gitmo prisoners have been sent to Kabul to clean the streets as punishment, community service.
^ Pedestrians passing through. Zig zag crossing- Afghan style.
^ Why did the sheep cross the road? To buy a phone card (them dangling things).
^ Guess which school? They recently painted it ugly blue. Lycee Naderia.
^ Polytechnic University. Or as Afghans pronounce it, Puleh takhneek.
^ A smaller side of Kabul University.
^ A recently built university in Karte 3. I love the Iranian-Arab architecture. Will take better pics when i pass by again. Below is also the university

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From my H-jan

Decided to take a few snapshots of things in my room. Here are some of the many things H-jan has spoilt me with.

dsc04765.jpg ^ My Valentines teddy

dsc04693.jpg                                                                       ^ The first bunch of roses H-jan bought for me.

dsc04766.jpg                ^ Meet Khaanum Fattoo and Aqayeh Fatty, aren’t they so adorable? We went shopping together during Eid and came across this. I liked it and H-jan bought it for me. Oh and the Allure perfume behind Khaanum Fattoo, was one of my eidee pressies. O- so- Sweet.

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Back at work after 4 days. I took an extra two days off because i felt ‘sick’. and also had some shopping to do. I went yesterday with mum, baby sister, my sister and her hubby. My baby sister had her first ride in a trolley yesterday! Should have seen the smile on her face. took her pic.

Went to Chicken St to buy my Afghan traditional dress. I thought it would cost $80-$100 max. but it ended up costing $260US. but it’s all good, the dress is very antique, a lot of work done on it, hand embroidery etc (check out the pic below). Also found the jewelry, that thing below is the headpiece.

Will write more later.. have a lot of work to catch up on.


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An innocent civilian was on the way to his brother’s wedding when he was mistakenly shot dead because he failed to slow down at some check-point. Coalition forces controlling the area or those working for them thought he was a talib…

This happens nearly ALL the time. While i dont agree with it at all, Afghans know the consequences of following too closely. They shoot at you if you follow too closely. But they tell you on the news, they tell you in ads on TV and in newspapers, they have pictorial signs on the back of tanks, on bulletin boards, translated Dari, Pashto and English. Soldiers motioning for you, warning you to slow down but ppl just don’t seem to learn! They still drive in close proximity to the convoy or they zig-zag, trying to pass through the convoys, reckless driving. obviously the troops feel like it’s a suicide bomber about to detonate. I’ve seen how these ppl drive.

Let’s ignore that they are ‘American’ and ‘evil’ for a second. 

I see it happen all the time, a convoy of tanks are passing through the road, they’re trying to get by as fast as they can. They motion for other cars to slow down, they have their weapon, ready to fire.

One time, we were driving and my driver and i saw a car accident. So his attention was diverted towards the scene. All of a sudden we heard someone yell out ‘OYYYYYYYY” it was the Italian convoy, passing by. our car was about to hit them. The driver slammed the brakes. The convoy passed on as normal.

I agree and sympathise with the Afghans that this is our land and we should have the right to do whatever we want. But let’s face it, these coalition forces are here. You want to play stupid by outrunning them, you WILL get shot. Having said that, i believe the forces can come up with an alternative.

Despite them being ‘American invaders’, Afghans need to learn to follow the law.

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Danishgah, danishkada, daanishmand, daanishjoyan…

Say these words on Afghan TV and you’re busted.

Three Afghan journalists working for government-owned media have been fined five days salary for using words from the wrong language (Persian).

and for not “observing cultural and Islamic principles”.

Abdul Basir Babai had been reprimanded for using three words from Persian, as used in Iran, instead of their local equivalent derived from Pashtun — the language of the Afghan majority.

One of the word was daanishgah instead of pahantoon to refer to university.

Farsi speakers suggest that there’s nothing wrong with the terms, Pashtoons say otherwise. Why change our language? Why be influenced by external factors, namely Iran? Unfortunately, i’ve witnessed this on Afghan TV where majority of the newsreaders and hosts adapt the Iranian accent and terminology. At the same time, I don’t think journalists should have lost their jobs over it. What if the journalist has spent most of his/her life in Iran? Can’t blame them can you?

I’m sitting on the fence here.

A Mazar-i-Sharif journalist was sentenced to death by a provincial primary court last month for downloading from the Internet and distributing articles said to question Islam. (AFP, 11/02/08)

And how is this justified? Islam encourages Muslims and Non-Muslims to question and debate the religion. There are no mistakes in the Quran or in it’s teachings, so let them question on. What is wrong with these people?! So upsetting.

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