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Back in Kabul

H and I returned from our USA holiday around 4 days ago, but it feels like weeks already! It was GREAT, we drove along the East coast, visited H’s ‘home city’ Washington DC, drove to Cape May, Atlantic City, New York City, Long Island and Philadelphia. There were Afghan flags flying everywhere, people cheering in excitement, a welcome ceremony being held- but that wasn’t for us. It’s a welcoming for someone else. It’s the Rohullah Nekpa fever that’s taking over Afghanistan. The celebrations are continuing with EVERY single TV channel praising him and have even created a video clip with the patriotic song watan ishqeh tu iftikhaaram, watan dar nehat jaan nisaaram. Not sure what it means, but it has some very strong, patriotic words. I will admit that I’m really impressed by the achievement. Without a doubt, he made the country proud. I just hope he doesn’t become arrogant like most Afghans do when they earn some money or fame.

Okay, I’m going to write ALL about my trip…

We flew on KamAir (which I call KrapAir because it is). They actually delay the flight till the last passenger is on the plane! It’s great if you’re the person whose late but not if you’re one of the 200 who are waiting. In our case, it was a greasy Afghan dude with a tight t-shirt saying ‘you want a piece of me?’ (think Johnny Bravo). We had to wait for over half an hour and yes, just like everyone else, I was annoyed! During this time, they don’t even bother to turn the air con on so they can save fuel and money. And it was getting really hot, smelly and stuffy. Once the plane took off, i was relieved! We had lunch served by the air hostesses who think they’re the hot shots of this world (aren’t i mean? but it’s true).

Anyhoodles, we were in transit in Dubai airport for 6 hours, it wan’t too bad. My first stop was naturally Maccaz (McDonalds) where I ate three burgers and supersized fries and coke, couldn’t move by the end of it! H had a BigMac- he just doesn’t see what the fuss about Maccaz is all about. Then we roamed around, I bought magazines, checked out the stores, had coffee and then just waited until our fourteen hour flight straight to Atlanta.

Delta was alright, except our aisle had a tv failure AND light failure AND the dude next to H was returning to the US after years so he was constantly talking to him about it. So for me, that meant no tv AND no reading… H was sleeping, I had the window seat and i could swear night turned day and vice versa around four times. Then i fell asleep on H’s shoulder (the best pillow in the world – too bad they only sell one! hehe). The Maccaz in my stomach started playing up, the rest of the flight was crappy.

We FINALLY made it to Atlanta, where we took a plane to Washington DC. America is just HUGE! Way too big! Duh… but it’s all good. DC hit me like a mixture of Perth and Melbourne put together. We stayed in a hotel on Kalorama Av. We met Hs friends and had Korean food (it’s great, you HAVE to try it). His friends are great and it was good to hang out. 

My Birthday in Cape May, NJ.

My birthday (8th August) happened to coincide with the weekend trip to Cape May, New Jersey. H planned a romantic getaway from the getaway (making any sense?!), we stayed in the John F Craig House which was really close to the beach. Had GREAT seafood dinner at Margaritas by the beach. It was an awesome b’day pressie! The following day we lay on the beach, relaxed and soaked the sun. Had a light lunch before we took the 4pm ferry to Atlantic city (or so we thought). We drove to the terminal, loaded the car into the ferry and went to the top deck (isn’t that cool?) it was a 1.5hour journey to the other side. And so we went. I can’t begin to describe how pretty everything was!

‘Atlantic City’.

We reached ‘Atlantic City’, unload the car to drive to our hotel room, we asked for directions and people looked at us like we were nuts. One lady told us to take the ferry to Atlantic City, but we already had! She showed us on the map where we were. We were supposed to go further up North from Cape May to Atlantic City, but we had come south on the ferry to Lewes, Delaware!!! It was funny, it was a great chance for me to tease H. And i did! So basically, we had to get on the next ferry back to Cape May and then drive to Atlantic City. But the next ferry wasn’t due until 8.30pm and we figured instead of waiting, we might as well drive there – we’ll reach at the same time. So we drove, and drove and drove.. it was a 4 hour road trip.

The REAL Atlantic City

… is just WOW! Mini Vegas, it’s really fun! We stayed in 5-star Bally’s for a few nights, then stayed in Harrah’s. We were supposed to stay in AC for only a night or two but we ended up staying longer. The boardwalk separated us and our hotel so we were very close to the beach- it was unusually cold though. I got my hair cut, did a bit of shopping and just spent our time chilling.

After four nights of AC, it was time to head back to DC…

Back to DC

We spent a night in DC where we got our stuff done! The next day we were leaving for Philadelphia with H’s friends. So we took the China town bus to Philadelphia. My darling H booked the tickets for the Friday instead of the Thursday, so no confirmed seats for us. But an hour later we found another China town bus, THANK GOD! We arrived at Philly around 9ish at night, met H’s friends. Had dinner and spent the night at H’s friends apartment.

The next day we visited the historic places and a museum, it was all good! Then the funny part began, going to the Indian festival (not to mention one of H’s friend is an Indian). It was all good fun.

Around 4ish we drove to Long Island, to drop me off! I felt really bad because they had to drive to Long Island and then back to Philly (6-7 hour drive) nonstop. Very nice of them! And H was going to come the next day to Long Island anyway, but he went back with them. LOL.

New York- Long Island

Was awesome! The day after H and his friends dropped me off at Long Island, H arrived (on 17th August- our 4 month wedding anniversary). During the day i went shopping with my cousins and shopped for lots and lots of shoes. In the evening, we spent the night at my Aunts and my mum’s relatives came over for dinner. I picked H up from the train station with my cousins, i drove! And H was close to having a heart attack. It was kinda hard driving on the right side of the road (who does that?!) but we didn’t get us killed. It was fun meeting everyone and putting a face to people’s names. The next day we left for Manhattan.

Manhattan- New York

Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Staten Island, Ellis Island, Ground Zero. Went to ALL the places! We bought tickets for the hop on- hop off tour double decker tour buses and we toured most of New York in one day! How awesome! We stayed in Paramount Hotel right on Times Square. Spent the first night at Greenwich Village at cafes and checking out live music. Wasn’t bad actually! The next day we spent touring and went on a ferry ride past the statue of Liberty to Staten Island.

Washington DC

Caught the bus to Washington DC. Got there around 9.30pm. I love DC, feels like home already! The next day we bought me a laptop.. a Sony Vaio. gotta love ’em!  Had dinner at one of his friend’s place, Indian food. mmm… The day after was our last day *sniff sniff* we met up with H’s former colleagues and friends at Taberna (they have really good seafood tapas!) and then dinner at Nando’s with J and J. Was sad saying bye.. I hate farewells! I thought it was the end of it but they came the next day to our hotel to see us off, was even sadder! There was no way i could avoid it as i usually do! Really nice peeps.

And so we left at 1.30pm to the airport to Atlanta and then Dubai.

The flight wasn’t too bad, it was better than the other flight. Watched ‘Married Life’ on the plane and then slept the entire way through.

Dubai was HOT! 41degrees Celcius and no sun! We were so jet lagged for the next few days, we slept thru the day. Thankfully, the shopping centres close at 12am so when we woke up at 6pm, we could actually go out! We bought lots of pressies for everyone!

Then it’s back to K-Town (Kabul, Afghanistan). We landed in Kabul at 10.30ish am. Was NOT looking forward to it, but i have my family here so i was looking forward to that! My little sister talks so well now, it’s amazing how much a kid grows in 3 weeks.

So yeah, that’s all folks.

I spent the next few days working on assignments and applying for jobs (yes, i’m jobless) and playing Tetris. Still not over the jet lag, it sucks big time! H and I slept at 5pm yesterday and woke up at 7am this morning!!!

So back to assignments…

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in pieces

i feel like my life is falling apart. shattered into a million pieces as i helplessly watch in shock horror.

no one understands how i feel, i feel like a walking dead person! i wish i was dead, i really really do. sometimes life is so cruel. its been so very long that i’ve actually sensed real happiness, what is happiness?

i wish i could remember when the last time i laughed whole heartedly was. but i can’t. it was that long ago.

 i fake my happiness, but deep down, there’s a burning sensation of sorrow and misery – my only two companions.

i wish life was what i wanted it to be, i wish my tears actually made a difference but they don’t. it’s just polluted water running down my eyes just like salty water that can’t be used.

my head is pounding, i can feel the pulse! i hate my life, i really do.

but i look to those beneath me and see that it could be worst.

but it really isn’t…

my life is breaking into a million tiny pieces and there’s nothign i can do about it but pray for painless death!



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