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There have been a few interesting things around Kabul worth mentioning, but I was too lazy to blog. I have made a mental note and relying on my memory, I will tell.

The horrible, horrible attack on my favourite crime buster of Kabul – Ali Shah Paktiawal. The attack was in Kampani, a very busy area at a very busy time of the day – early a.m. He escaped with minor injuries, thank God.

Pepsi imported from Pakistan and Iran has killed three people. There are no investigations being carried out. Such a shame!!!

Milk products imported from China are still sold around in Kabul stores despite the Health minister’s plead to stop selling. There have been cases of children’s death as you may know.

Mmm… I’m flying out. Spending Eid in Pakistan with my in laws and then next Eid with my family, Inshallah.

Now, looking back in the past month i ask myself ‘have i made the most of this Ramadan’? My answer is NO! I wish i had though. I wish I did more, like cater Iftaar for the poor BUT I did take advantage of the 27th Ramadan. I read Quran until late at night and prayed to God asking him for lots of things and praying for myself, my family and the innocent all around the world. Ameen. Even if he grants me one, I will be more than happy.

So Eid, huh? Well, let’s see how it’s celebrated in Pakistan. I’ve heard that there are lots of celebrations. I just hope everywhere is open, i need to buy some winter clothes and boots for Kabul winter. The next time I’m flying out of Afghanistan will be in December, peak time of Kabul winter. So yeah, I will report on Eid in Pakistan. Let’s see how it goes.

I am looking forward going to Isloo… eating McDonalds!!! Can’t wait!

I wish me a safe trip.

Ba omideh deedaar, khuda negahdaar.

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looking back

When I blog, i feel. i write. i never look back to my writings. Why? Simply because it would result me in deleting everything.

But i just did it. It’s 12.06am, I have returned from my mums place and decided to reread the poem i wrote ‘do you still remember?’. Many people have told me it’s a great poem and it brought tears to their eyes. so i decided to see what the fuss is all about. Needless to say, i still don’t see it.

Nevertheless, I skimmed through my writings i have posted exactly a year ago. How a person changes, huh? I used to adore Afghanistan. Twelve months later, not exactly so. It’s brought too many calamities and sadness for me to like it. It’s had it’s happy times too, like my wedding and engagement etc. But the grief it brought belittles the happy moments like a drop of happiness in an ocean of grief.

I actually amazed myself as to how much i have changed. I’ve lost my sanity a little – ’tis true, i tell ya. I’ve been told many times! And so be it! Life is nothing but cruel and messed up – H is my happiness and my dear family. Apart from that, what more?

Anyhoos, ten days left for the ending of Ramadan. I say this with much regret, i didn’t make the most of it. I have been so busy with worldly affairs and the welfare of my family. I hope God let’s me live to see another Ramadan and for me to appreciate it more than I have this year.

Ramadan in Afghanistan doesn’t feel very Ramadan-ish. I don’t know why! Even last year, it didn’t feel very ‘holy’ and ‘blessed’. I don’t know if i’m sinning by saying this, but it’s how i feel. I felt more at peace when observing Ramadan in Australia. Strange, huh? I have no idea why i feel this way, still puzzled.

Okay, I shall hit the bed as suhoor is only a few hours away.

Until next time…


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Are you still following this blog? If so, drop me a line. We should get in touch.

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Staying put

My last few days have been just staying at home, on my sexy new Sony Vaio laptop, online, doing work, emailing, facebook-ing, googl-ing, reading a bit of Quran, watching some Will & Grace, fasting, YouTube-ing, working on assignments andddd that’s about all for now! So I can’t really report the happenings on the street. The good thing is I don’t have to do chores, the cooking and cleaning is all taken care of. Lucky me, huh?

Oh yeah, apart from going DVD shopping and taking passport photos the other day with H. BUT STILL… I’m looking forward to going to mum’s tomorrow, am going to go extra early! hehe.

Just an update, the rockets that impacted yesterday were in Shash Darak and Macro Rayan – very close to where I’m staying. But so far, no upscale damage! Didn’t even make it on the local Afghan news! And I forgot to mention the earthquake that happened a few days ago, I was on my laptop and all of a sudden I felt a shake (I’m completely oblivious to natural disasters and what I should do to keep myself safe). I didn’t take much notice, although I did see our guards from across the house come out of their guardroom. The shake stopped after 20 seconds or so, they went back in. I didn’t move.

Then again… shake, shake, things around the room began rattling… I looked out and saw some of my housemates evacuating. I got the point! This quake lasted longer than the one before, nearly a minute. I made my way down, just as it stopped. We hung out outside for 10 minutes or so before we went back in again. Later, I found out that the centre of the earthquake was Badakhshan. I’m so glad I wasn’t in the shower when the quake happened. Thank God, there was nothing major and we’re all safe.

I can’t believe I forgot to mention that! And I can be a bimbo at times, I need to take quakes more seriously. It’s just that everyone’s subconscious tells them that they’re safer when indoors, safer when indoors. It’s kind of engraved in everyones heads. So even when something like an earthquake happens, everyone continues to stay indoors whereas it’s actually safer to exit buildings.

Okay, I’m actually hoping to start and finish off an assignment today (aren’t you getting sick of my mentioning it all the time?). I’m so glad it will be over in a month or two, then the toughie starts! Juris Doctor degree (which is like Masters of Law) and it’s all via correspondence so pray for me!

Time to nerd it up… peace out!

PS I just remembered something else that we were all discussing over dinner the other night, some Muslims (there was specific mention of Pakistan) who fast do not swallow their saliva because it will break their fast! They even carry a piece of cloth around in which they spit into. If anyone out there does it, seriously, you can swallow! Google it…

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Lazy me

I could almost swear that it’s my readers comments and feedback that I continue to write. Generally, I can be lazy.

Yesterday was Ahmad Shah Masood Day, a national holiday. The entire day, TV stations were broadcasting documentaries, his close allies talking about him, so it was all about Masood.

Please pray for him even if you did not support his Northern Alliance, he’s passed on now, so respect the dead. May he be granted Paradise in it’s highest form. Amen.

One documentary that I found moving was his treatment of POWs – a particular young Russian man. Masood clothed him, fed him, treated him like his own and he helped him read a Russian map. Eventually, Masood released him, but before doing so embraced him with a smile and gave him advice on how to return to his country without being caught by other Mujahedins.

Another moving image was of his son during his burial procession. As Masood’s coffin was being carried to his grave, Masoods son (around 10 years old at the time) held tightly to Dr Abdullah Abdullah who put his arms around him. Masood’s son’s face was pale white, I could only imagine what was going through his mind.

I remember Masood Day last year when I was out and about; cars, flags, posters, loud music dedicated to Masood. People think it’s the Panjshiri influence which has taken a prominent place in Kabul, but I really think there’s more to it than just that. Lion of Panjshir lives on.

There’s a particular song I like which has been sung for him, it goes something like:

Een mulkeh azaad dar bawareh tu,

Azaada gardi az lashkareh tu.

Ahmad neshasta dar sangareh tu,

Khudaya rashba, khudaya rashba.


Mard amadi o mardana rafti,

Shaakhe jawaaneyat ra shekasti.

Da rayeh deen dar nejraateh mardom.

Naamat Mubarak, naamat Mubarak.


Naamat geraami masoodeh Afghan,

Almasayetu mashoori tawran.

Naametu sapt ast dar daftareh jan,

Naamat Mubarak, naamat Mubarak.


Dar hejrateh tu dil ha ba zaari

Ayenee khubat mardee wa yaare

Armaane paakat qaahash shejaaye (?)

Naamat Mubarak, naamat Mubarak.


Chashmayeh cheraaghe afghansetaaneh

Masoodeh afghan be tarseh jaane

Masoodeh aalam dar do jahaani

Naamat Mubarak, naamat Mubarak.


Een mulkeh azaad dar bawareh tu

Azaada gardi az lashkareh tu

Ahmad neshasta dar sangareh tu

Khudaya rashba, khudaya rashba


Khudaya mohammad rashba o rashba

Khudaya mohammad rashba o rashba.

You can listen to it here.

So, assignments are over, PHEW! But I will have to start on my other one soon, it never ends does it?

OMG… This morning as I was washing up for my morning prayers, around 4am, I heard two loud explosions. Later on, I learned that it was rocket attacks close by. Suicide bombings are usually ‘secondary’ forms of explosives, but rockets???? ROCKETS???? I think now we should be more alarmed than alert. We’re still awaiting further information, but I doubt it caused any upscale damage otherwise it would have been talked about to death.

Last night H and I played Wii with the other housemates. It was M’s last night before leaving Kabul, so he went for it. I won H 2-1 in tennis, baseball was tough though!

Ba omide deedaar, khuda negahdaar…


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And so…

It’s the first few days of Ramadan. I’m doing alright, it’s my favourite time of the year 😀 Ramadan Mubarak, everyone!

Since arriving back to Kabul, I’ve been working on assignments, applications for the Juris Doctor degree and assignments and assignments. I’m all set with assignments for now. I have another one due in a month and then another two a few weeks later.

Now, I’ve actually had criticism about my blog. Funnily enough from ‘my relatives’, either they’re jealous (which is almost ALWAYS the case… don’t ask me of what?! ) or they just can’t comprehend the purpose of a blog! I mean if you don’t like it, don’t read it! SHEESH… Ignorance, ignorance, ignorance…  *sigh*

So back to my assignments, I’ve been writing up on rape and another paper on suicide bombing. Interesting stuff ay? Depressing too!

And so… my next trip is in a few weeks to Pakistan. I’m actually looking forward to Eid this year which normally I don’t. Then we’re off to Australia. Inshallah.

I’ve just been so busy with so much work to do, stuff that’s a huge priority for me at the moment. All that will work out soon, Inshallah. So far, real good hamdullilah.

My jetlag is over completely! So glad, I felt like i was constantly taking sleeping pills.

Hmmm… nothing more to say for now as I have been at home for the past few days working and Tetrising (my highest score is around 190 000 i think).

Have to go and pray Zuhur then I’m off to mum’s.

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