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I’m over it all now. I’m back into the Kabul groove! So, here is an update. Happy New year! Another fruitless new year! Seriously, I wanted to go to Mazar… but hadn’t really made any plans to go. It was just a ‘want’ that morning. I watched the entire procession on TV,  it wasn’t all that. Mmmm.. our lovely guards brought us some haftmewa which H forced me to try. I almost spat it out. It tastes like water mixed with cardamom (or ‘smelly thing’ as I call it). So that was the end of that. It wasn’t much of a celebration. But then again, Afghans are reforming to the western way of life that the younger generation are as ignorant as I am about new year celebrations!

I have found a job… or rather, the job has found me! Woopie! I have to discuss the contract and I’m all set. I speak to my family everyday almost and it’s great to know they’re happier and healthier in Australia (the best country in the world!!!)

It’s supposed to be Spring in Kabul, but it’s so NOT! It’s rainy, muddy and cloudy…

I just remembered… the Afghan ‘parliament’ was supposed to pass legislation making Saturday a weekend! At the moment, we have only Friday’s off! But it didn’t go through! God, it’s not like the ‘parliament’ is productive in any way. I doubt they even understood the legislation, they just thought ‘nah, not passing this through!’ I’m serious! The parliament is a joke! Half the time, most of the MPs don’t show up and Tolo TV gets in trouble for screening empty seats in ‘parliament’- what are they supposed to do? Focus the camera on the 3 people who have decided to show up in ‘parliament’? oh hold on, not to mention 2 out of the 3 have fallen asleep while ‘parliament’ is in session. We drove by the parliament last night, it’s all barricaded with high concrete blocks.

Anyways, back to discussing parliament affairs!  I was watching the RTA channel (Radio Television Afghanistan) and it was basically the entire parliament session. They were counting the votes to name the next Minister of Interior. We’re  talking about the minister who will be responsible for saving the Afghans from suicide bomb attacks and anti-government insurgency and regrouping! So, they start counting… one is counting in Dari, another is counting in Pashto. Another is telling an MP,  ‘It’s my job to count… will you let me do my job? Mind your own business.’ Just when you think that it can’t get any worst, the phone rings and half way through counting, he answers his phone and has a chat to his friend sahib.

And then plonk! A water bottle  falls onto his head! Nah, I’m kidding about the water bottle.

Also I found the following hilarious on Afghan TV:

Afghan TV presenter interviews Shahrukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan Interview Part 2

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Back in Kabul

Physically I am. Mentally I’m still elsewhere. I didn’t say goodbye to many of my friends or even my family. I hate good byes. I tried sneaking out of the house for the airport. Lugging a huge suitcase out the front door at 5am didn’t quite work.
Third day in Kabul…. nothing to write yet.

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(Note: I got my nails done today so if I mistype, it’s because of the  nails!!!)

I have come to face the fact that I have to leave my lovely Australia.  At first it was a bit daunting, having to say good bye to my family – BUT I have found a way to avoid that 😉 will disclose later, I don’t want my sister reading and finding out about my plan. tehehehe

And so, having my adoring husband in Afghanistan makes things so much better for me! I am looking forward to returning to Kabul. Been away for two months, I don’t really miss it. I mean, i miss our house there, but not the country! And i realllllllllly miss my husband 😦

I leave my family in the hands of God and will trust that he will watch over them.

I can’t wait to experience Kabul all over again and continue to blog! It’s the one thing I miss about Kabul – the chance to blog, to write. Perhaps I’ll write a book?!

Gotta go and help mum with the lasagne, she’s the worlds BEST cook… 😀

Take care peeeeps!

Khuda hafiz (God protect you)

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