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Kabul tours

H and I have been going sightseeing like mad lately and we are making it our goal to have seen every landmark in Kabul 🙂 So far, so good!

Work is good, life is good, I am good and so are my loved ones. I have nothing more to report.

Work is sucking the life out of me. It’s alright, sometimes it’s a bit too much.

A new international salon has opened up… wohoo! The prices are MUCH cheaper than Nova. So definitely going to go there for a back/neck massage and a facial.Yipeeeeeee…

Oh yeah, yesterday we recieved a security warning and none of us were allowed to move… STRICTLY! There was an explosion.
A few minutes later we recieved another security warning saying it was a pressure cooker that had blown up. tehehehehe.

Ok my darlings, thank you for the wonderful evening. I shall see you all again on another glamourous evening… adieu

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Back in Kabul after a two week trip to Pakistan. Spent most of our days in Peshawar and 4-5 nights in Islamabad. The situation in Peshawar IS CRAZY! Seriously, hearing gun shots nearly every night, shopkeepers getting arrested because of suspicions that they are Al Qaeda. I wanted to get out of Peshawar the minute I got there. So did H. anything was possible, power lies within the people, the police are completely incompetent. It’s scary! I felt really unsafe, worst than Kabul! Islamabad was safe, relatively speaking. I did a bit of shopping, exchanged some gold for an Allah pendant that I liked. Bought wedding clothes for H’s brothers wedding. Waiting for it to be delivered. I had McDonalds three days in a row. Heaven!
Bomb blasts? Thankfully, Kabul has been quiet the past two weeks, I guess the Taliban are too busy in Pakistan to bother with Afghanistan. But the longer the silence, the bigger the BOOM when it does happen, let’s hope I’m wrong. The military parade was cancelled, I would have been disappointed if I was in Kabul, but I wasn’t so I couldn’t care less. Tehehe. It was cancelled because of the attempt to assassinate Karzai last year at the parade.
Work is going well, it’s actually building up now. I have a meeting in 20 minutes and then another one in the next hour. Grrr…
See ya lataz… will blog more about Afg elections etc etc. I realized this blog sucked!
BTW, in Kabul news, 164 boys/men have been arrested for hassling girls!!! How cool is that? About time!!!!!!!!!!!! They give girls such a hard time here. Most boys who hassle girls, their families don’t know about it. So they get arrested, they have their parents come in, sign a contract that their stupid son will not do it again and then they get bailed out. They probably get a beating from their parents too, wohoo!!! I’m a victim of this stupid crime! It’s a pain in the ass, you just wanna shop but you have a swarm of smelly men following you and perving. EUGH! This should be a lesson for the rest. I will follow this closer! Thanks to the new Minister of Interior, Hanif Atmar, he is finally doing something! Apparently he talks about it daily at his meetings, it’s the first topic on the agenda! Gooo Atmar! 

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