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Here are things which annoy me in Kabul.
Generalisation …


– The way guys/girls in Kabul talk – EUGH! The guys talk so FEMININE and POOK… and the girls talk like they’re either 70 years old or 4 years old.

– Or when Afghan girls talk with naaz. *slap*

-Afghan channel TV reporters with their Iranian wannabe accents… and the call back shows.. they ALLL ask ‘ismeh taan wa az kuja ba tamaas shuddeen?’ anddddd ‘yak khatereh jaaleb ya yak fakayee dareen ke bogoyeen?’ ORRR ‘mesha yak ahang zam zama koneen?’ soooooooooooooo typicalll and gayyyyyyy!

– When Afghans forcefeed you… I could just reach out across the destarkhaan and strangle them. What I HATE is when you say ‘i ate a lot’ and they look at you and with this annoying tone of voice “nehh nakhordiiiiiiiiii”. MARG!!!

– When you go shopping here.. they try to rip you off… EVERYTHING is cheap and tacky and Chinese but they say ‘maaleh amreekayee ast. jenseh awal….’ pffft… or they say ‘ee maaleh Turkey nest ke arzaan basha, Korea-yee ast!’ pffft. Turkish is better than Korean!

I can go on forever…

– Oh yeah and when you REALLY REALLY need to go to the bathroom at someones house in Kabul and they turn out to have a KENARAAB with no toilet paper!

– Guys use TOO much gel, it looks greasy! Or it’s probably oil!

– When you go to people’s houses, they FORCE you to hold their child/baby… even though they’re dirty and haven’t been washed in weeks and sometimes the bottom of their pants are still wet from the dirty water while playing in the street.

– When they have so many kids and then complain that they’re poor (not to mention they don’t know their names). Stop breeding!!!

– When they BEG me to bring kids coz it’s been more than a year since the wedding.

– Guys who overuse their cheap perfume

– Girls who overuse their cheap makeup and then claim that their make up is light and ‘natural’.

– Shiny suits, shiny satin shirt AND shiny tie. Greasy shiny hair, and shiney EXTREMELY pointy shoes worn by the guys here. What the…??

– Nazia Iqbal

– Kids who stand up in the passenger seat while the car is in motion and the window is down and the parents don’t even care!

To be continued… DEFINITELY!

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Shot through the heart and you’re to blame… you give love a bad name

Blasted loud on my iPod, singing on top of my lungs and jumping around all over my Kabul home. I wonder if Bon Jovi would have ever thought he would have a psycho fan in AFGHANISTAN! Hmmm….

Kabul has been quiet lately. The votes are being counted. so far 40% has been counted and Karzai has won 47% of those votes, I hope that increases to at least 51% so there’s no run off elections.

My trip to Australia is coming up soon, can’t wait! 🙂 *joy dance* I’ve been in Afghanistan FOUR MONTHS STRAIGHT!!! I should get some sort of award for that. I don’t know what kept me going!

Ramadan is slipping away… literally! It’s going so fast – it’s the 13th day today. Yeawwwwwww…..

Ba omideh deedaar…

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