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Yesterday was clearly a bad day. It was a black day for Kabul but it wasn’t THE blackest of Kabul days. There have been days where hundreds of Afghans have been killed in rocket attacks in Kabul alone.
Nevertheless, it was still a dark day. And it’s haunting.
Next door, in Peshawar 107 people killed in a bomb blast. It was in a shopping area where it’s mainly women and children. Most of the killed were women and children. I can only imagine the grief and pain their families are going through.
A few countries away, in Palestine. On the news, images of a father and his heartbroken 6 year old son in tears. The little boy’s toys buried under the rubble of their home. The father promising his son that they (the Israelis) will leave their country one day and they will have a home again. The anger and hurt in the boys eyes has the potential to channel him towards anti-Israeli sentiments.
It didn’t hit me until last night. Talking about it with my hubby just as I was about to fall asleep.
The images of the young boy kept flashing in my head. The tears in his eyes. I wish I could reach out to him.
I couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking of where we would run out to in case the attacks happened in our house and planning. Will we have time to put on the armoured vests? I came to a conclusion that we will sleep fully dressed (I would even sleep in the armoured vest) and have a grab bag ready. Do we hide or do we run?!

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It’s 9.02 am.
6am. Neighbouring suburb, a UN guest house in Sheerpur has come under attack. 6 militants stormed the house and began shooting, killing three UN workers and injuring around five. Numbers to be confirmed. Of course, the Afghans killed haven’t been mentioned yet.
I heard more explosions, sounded like an RPG and then gun firing.
It was the Kabul Serena Hotel.
Kabul Serena has also come under attack. RPG and other weaponry have also been involved.
Reports coming in that that there were 7 militants – 3 of them were suicide bombers who detonated themselves and the rest of them were snipers.
I hear sirens wailing…
I woke up at 4am this morning and had a gut feeling something was wrong or that something bad will happen. I never wake up in the middle of the night.
My condolences to the family of the killed.

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The protest continues

It’s 10.18am. Kabul time.

Yesterday around this time I could hear shouting outside “Death to America” “Death to Democracy”.

Protestors protesting against NATO troops burning the Quraan. En route to Parliament.

20,000 young men. Mostly university students.

A few moments ago approximately 20-30 police cars. Police armed in riot gear speeding towards the parliament. There are reports that another demonstration is taking place.

Eight more police cars (and counting) have just sped in the opposite direction.

Hope no one gets hurt or killed.

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As I type, there are protest and gunshots outside over 10,000 people.


more to come…


heading to safety for now

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The run off is a big, big mistake.

Karzai – 54% of the votes (more than necessary to win the elections)

Abdullah Abdullah – around 30%

Okay so some of Karzai’s ballots were ‘fraudulent votes’ (let me point out some of Dr Abdullah’s were too!). ECC found out and decided to throw Karzai’s votes out which dropped his count to 47%. Still a majority but not enough to secure presidency.

So, after 2 months of squabbling, they finally agreed to have a run off election! Second round elections! Ha! Silly or what?! So what does this mean?

More fraud, more lives lost, more money wasted. Yes, wasted!

Afghanistan is a young republic. It’s the second elections in history – What you saw in the August 20 elections is as good as it gets for Afghanistan. 47% was still  majority even after the ‘fraud votes’ were discarded so Karzai should have secured presidency. Why burden the Afghans and make them vote again, risk their lives?

don’t even get me started on fraud in western ‘developed’ elections. It’s all about the degree of fraud you are willing to accept and quite frankly, Afghanistan did extremely well.

I was watching Karzai’s press conference wtih Senator Kerry by his side which he blatantly claimed ‘the Afghan elections have been defamed’ – I disagree. Afghans did as good as they could.

It’s going to be VERY cold in the North (mainly Abdullah supporters) people will not come out and vote. It’s obvious that Karzai will win.

He should have been granted victory. 47% is more than enough. After all, Karzai is more for the cause of Afghanistan than Abdullah. While Abdullah was foreign minister, he’d visit other countries and shop $4,000 suits from Afghansitan’s budget. Where was he all this time? Never once did he voice his opinion for the sake of Afghan people, now all of a sudden he cares. Suspicious.

Second round elections, in my view is a waste.

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Back in Kabul…

So I’m back in Kabul.

It’s Friday 16th October and I’m typing this in Word because the internet is down. How convenient! Second day back and I’m already on lockdown!!!! The reason being – election results may be announced any day soon so they’re taking precautionary measures not to have any of us retards blown to pieces. I finished reading my book. Nothing interesting on TV. So I decided to blog except the internet is down so here I am on word. Spent 3 weeks in Australia a few days in Dubai, the weather was nice and warm and pleasant calm beaches. Australia was cold though. But I loved it. I had a great time seeing everyone, can’t wait to do it all over again.

And now it’s Kabul all over again.

But we’re planning on moving out of here soon. And boy am I glad. I can’t wait to hand in my resignation. The satisfying feeling… ahhhh! I’m still waiting for confirmation before handing in my resignation. Inshallah. Elections, elections, elections… so unofficial recount shows that Karzai has 47% of the votes, which isn’t enough for a win and means there will be a run off! CHAOS! I seriously think voting in Afghanistan is a JOKE and there is no way in the world they can expect elections without fraud.

The two go hand in hand. And I’m DEAD SERIOUS! So if the above results are official-ised then there will be a run off election within the next month. Yeowww…. It will be messy. And to be honest, I said there will be a run off and boy was I right *dances in her chair*. Seriously, I did predict that. Any dumbass would know. I mean, they said they’ll recount the votes, they threw most of the ballots out (they were Karzai’s votes) so you do the math. That leaves Karzai with less than 50%. God help Afghanistan! They can’t afford to have run off elections – spend billions of dollars AGAIN, lose so many civilian lives (as if enough hasn’t been lost already!!) I’m definitely not looking forward to it at all… ERRMMM… apart from that nothing interesting.

Oh yeahhh… one of our housemates who is an adviser to MoA (Ministry of Agriculture) told us that Afghanistan has State of the Art technology in processing Afghan fruit juices and marketing to the rest of the world. The demand looks pretty promising. Go Afghanistan!!! Kabul is the same as it was when I left. Only difference is there are heaps more annoying Afghan singers (the number of singers should have stopped growing 5 years ago!)

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