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“Be back in 5 mins”

I’ve been out of Afghanistan since April. I’m not sure if I will return, there are higher chances I’ll return to Australia 🙂 We’ll see what happens.

I’m currently in the US and Ramadan is TOUGH here, iftar is at 8pm (roughly).

Until next time.

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Dear Kabul,

I know I’ve been mean to you in the past few days, and saying mean things about you. This is mainly because I’ve been feeling unwell. I’ve vented myself on your people, your roads, your tailors because they’ve not attended to my bridesmaid’s dresses. I don’t like your boys and men because they pester women. I don’t like your waters because it makes me sick. Not to mention the dust and pollution – oh, and the mud too, ruining my new shoes. I don’t like your worthless currency shifting from the hands of the rich to the poor, bringing joy to neither. I don’t like your male-dominated society, where even if men do wrong, it’s still okay. I don’t like the way women have to scream to be heard, but men simply whisper and everything falls their way. The most heinous acts have been committed on your land, Kabul, yet you fail to do anything about it. Men have tortured women for decades, are you blind to see? Your vicious winters, so cruel to the homeless. Regardless of all this, you share my misery. Don’t think I haven’t appreciated it, because I have, I’ve noticed your clouds grieve as I hurt, sharing my pain. Grey and gloomy skies agree with my unspoken words. Your rains shed like my agonising tears, but when the sun rises and your tears stop – it all starts again. It pains me as I try to smile, a broken smile. Your cruel mountains, so fierce, yet so sympathetic. You’ve been cruel to be kind, I know my sorrowful companion will bring me joy. God has promised us that when he closes a door, he will open a window. My eyes are too wet to see a window, I need to stop crying to find my way. Until then I will continue my quest for that window.

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