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Zayed Minhaj – RIP

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oon.

A family friend’s son. My former teacher’s son. My sister’s friend’s brother. I didn’t know him. I just remember him as a very small child. And now, he’s dead. My mum told me the news over IM a few minutes ago and it didn’t hit me until now.

Minhaj was on his was to Wardak where a bomb was planted targeting him. His body has blown to bits and they cannot find anything except for his shirt and some tattered ID. He was young, about 20 years old, perhaps even younger.

I sat looking at the computer screen feeling numb but at the same time filled with momentous hatred and anger towards the people who had carried this out. How could they take a life? Who gave them this right?

A part of me wishes that it’s not him. What could he possibly have done? I can only imagine the state his family is in. But so what if it’s not him, it’s still a young boy killed. Someone’s child. Someone’s brother. Someone’s cousin. Someone’s friend. I hope a day comes when we can claim victory over these terrorists.

My heart goes out to his family and friends.

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And so it is!

F., N., and N. were Tajik; the other two were Pushtun. I asked them about the historically violent divisions among these tribes. They said, firmly, “That was our fathers. Today, we are all brothers.”

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I was only 10 years old. And now, I’m 24, typing away on a keyboard in a well lit room powered by gov’t supplied electricity. As an Australian-Afghan woman. Without a Burka. Without a male accompanying me. Afghanistan has come a long way.

Just thinking, imagining the dead bodies of the then President najibullah and his brother and the dark clouds that dawned Kabul. I can only imagine the fear that spread in Kabul of what was to be.


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A little something

Here’s a little something for you to do if you’re ever in Kabul. At about 4pm into the day, grab a tissue and just wipe your face. If it’s not grey/black/brown… you’re probably the first case! I didn’t even go out much today!

Did I mention a pimple growing on my forehead?

And you’d think there are better things to be worried about when in Afghanistan than just pimples!

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