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Granted. I haven’t blogged in a while. so many things have kept me insanely busy. My job being one of them.

Yesterday’s attacks have prompted me to vent. And so, here I am.

Friday.28th Jan. 2011

Friday is our one day weekend. So it’s the day we catch up on some sleep, spend the day cooking our brunch and just chilling out, followed by visiting relos.

We did just that. Seemed like a normal Friday.

Normally hubby and I start cooking brunch together but today I took a little bit longer than usual. I blow dried my hair. Trying to juggle the roller brush in one hand and the hair dryer in one hand it took extremely long.

When I got up, hubby was already chopping stuff up.

We had our brunch, got dressed. As usual, took me an extra while to figure out what to wear.

Then off we went.

As we left the door and waited for the driver, I asked my hubby if he brought the envelope. He forgot. So he went in to get it. So I waited.

I saw our bulky security officer who lives at our house for security purposes, bustle by. He usually has his soldier boots on and his weapons belted around his waist. No guns today. He was on the phone, pale and frantic. He raised his eyebrows to say hello and ran out the door. I knew something was going on.

Hubby came back just as the security dude walked out the main gates. I mentioned briefly to my hubby ‘i think something’s going on. The security dude was frantic and pale’

About 2.33pm

Just as the driver was paging the base to let him know that we were moving, the operations manager came running outside. ‘Back inside’ he yelled, motioning for the driver to drive in through the gates. He asked us to slide down our windows. ‘There was a bomb attack in town near Finest, no movement’ he said frantically, pale as a ghost. He hurried along to wherever the security guy was heading. This is when they call everyone to make sure everyone is accounted for.

We went back inside and of course turned on the TV to see if it had made it on the news. Hubby called his family to see if everyone’s okay. Of course, the Afghan TV had their usual shows. CNN and BBC was covering the Cairo protests. And so, we waited. and waited. And finally Afghan TV provided a brief update. It happened at Wazir Akbar Khan. A store we frequently visited.

There it was.

The first thought that came to my mind were the guys who worked at the store.

Moments later, footage hit the screen. A shop we visited, up in flames, power outage so it was dark and smokey, the neatly stacked shelves were now empty, the items spread all over the floor. A young boy, around 12 years old was crying and frantic. ‘My sister and my cousin came to shop, I don’t know where they are’ he sobbed as his eyes darted from side to side expecting them to walk out of the burnt down store.

It was sad.

The casualty count started at 4 killed and then stopped at 8.

So the whole day we were on lockdown, watching the Cairo protests live and just hanging about.

That evening, we had a security briefing. Two of my hubby’s colleagues were caught in the attack, one was seriously injured. She’s in stable condition and will be evacuated to her home country for treatment.

The guys had more information: the suicide bomber walked into the store, began firing at everyone, threw a hand grenade then detonated himself.

Some are saying the Taliban did it targeting head of Blackwater. But Head of Blackwater is doing fine, we’re not even sure if he was in there at all. Hekmatyar is also claiming responsibility. Nothing to be proud of but somehting they each want to have a hand in. Shame.

Another Afghan colleague of my hubby was there with his 5 relatives. they were all killed. 6 from one family. So how could the number of killed total 8? They’ve definitely downplayed the number of casualties!

I’m counting my blessings and hoping there is no more of this!

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