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So. I’ve been busy. You can understand why I haven’t been blogging for about a few weeks now.

It’s snowing today… wohoo!

Since the bombing at Finest, I haven’t visited! Not going to shop and look for other stuff, not going to take the risk.

We brought on the New Year in Bali. We visited KL and Korea. It was FUN! I could live in KL! And we did our usual stop over in Dubai for 3-4 nights. i actually liked Dubai this time. This is probably the 6th -7th time I went there and I actually enjoyed it! I shopped a lot, they had sales!

So yes, back in Kabul and back at work. Not to mention reading and watching the news – as it happens in Cairo – has taken most of my time.

Next blog will be slightly less dull than this. I promise.

Oh you might want to check out http://www.realsimple.com so convenient!

Until next time…

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