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Mud houses in Kandahar?

Hamma karaat doroughaki, boro baba shinakhtamet… khub medoonam! -Valy

Love that song!

Anyways, had a conversation with my buddy from our Kandahar office. He’s from the States and a great guy. He told me about his sons party:

N: its all good over here, getting prepared for the party tomorrow night
i think we gonna have like 20 females along with their 300 kids in our tiny house
Me: ahahahha is this party for ur son?
N: yeah, its for that lil fool.he is doing better now, started walking around the day before yesterday
Me: hahaha
N: pops gave me 700$ to cover some of the costs. isnt he great?
Me: i cant help but ask this, do they have concrete houses in kandahar or are they all mud houses?
N: you know what, im gonna have to bring you down here someday
Me:ahahahah sorry, but i’m just curious!!!
Nasim: kandahar use to be the capital of afghanistan back in the days
Me: yeah but still… even kabul has mud houses
N: and today, its the 3rd largest city in afghanistan, and growing daily
well kandahar has mud houses, but it also has lots and lots of concrete buildings and houses
Me:: thank u. u sound like a news reporter!!!so is ur house mud or concrete?
N: oh be quiet
Me: well?
N: its concrete

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