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A rich man 60 years of age visits his country (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Arab world etc.)  from abroad and weds a 16 year old girl?!?!?!

It’s becoming a trend in the so-called ”Islamic” Republic of Afghanistan, the Arab world and other South East Asian countries. It’s disgusting! The  worst part is that the world mistakenly believes it as being an Islamic act because oh, the Prophet (PBUH*) did it!

ENOUGH!! Enough of defaming Islam for their own desires! Extremism, sexism, mistreating their women, raping non-muslim women because it’s ”allowed” WHERE DOES THAT SAY IN ANY PART OF ISLAM? Islam is a great religion with many rights and liberation. Enough of destructing the religion!

I’m going to focus on one part, marrying more then one wife!

To those who believe that more than one wife is alright, because the Prophet* did. Well, guess what? The Prophet (PBUH*) also gave charity, fed the poor, visited the sick, was good to his wife, be faithful and loyal to your wife, believed in justice and not in the killings of civilians, he was a man of good thoughts and actions, he fought evil with good and the list goes on. Why won’t you follow those doings????

I’m appalled at men/women who choose what they like and leave out what they like and call themselves ‘a good Muslim’.

As for the multi-wife issue. Here’s my argument:

Permission to practice polygamy is not associated  with mere satisfaction of passion.  It is rather associated with compassion toward widows and  orphans. It was the Quran that limited and put conditions on the practice of polygamy among the  Arabs, who had as many as ten or more wives and considered them “property”. ^

And if you be apprehensive that you will not be able to do justice to the orphans, you may marry two or three or four women whom you choose. But if you apprehend that you might not be able to do justice to them, then marry only one wife. (Maududi, The Meaning of the Qur’an, vol. 1, p. 305)

The key clauses are “you will not be able to do justice to the orphans” and “you may marry two or three or four women whom you choose.” Maududi (d. 1979) is a respected traditional and conservative commentator on the Quran. So we should let him explain what they mean. He says that the clauses accomplished the following:

In pre-Islamic days men used to marry a limitless number of women and grab the property of their orphan nephews and nieces to support their wives.

In pre-Islamic days, men could marry as many women as they wanted and “treat them cruelly and unjustly” with impunity. So the Quran limits the number to four, and only if the man could keep care of them all: “But if you apprehend that you might not be able to do justice to them.”

Surah Nisa verse 129 says: ‘It is very difficult to be just and fair between women’. [Al-Qur’an (4:129)]


 Dr Zakir Naik has elaborated on this topic, of why Polygamy is allowed and it’s conditions. He concludes by saying,  it is mainly to protect the modesty of women.   

Unfortunately, men in our society today carry this act for their own pleasure and selfishness, not compassion. Further, I believe society today has created other alternatives of helping the orphans and the widows instead of marrying them and causing an unhappy family home where the first wife disagrees (come on, who would wanna share a man or a father???)

In today’s world, very few men would do this out of compassion. Maybe one in a million would turn out to do it out of compassion.

Look for yourself, the men who have more than one wife- were any of them orphans at the time of marriage? On the verge of becoming public property? No and no!

Case dismissed.

You might think otherwise, but Allah knows best.

* Peace be upon him.

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I’m very much against culture when it opposes religion because it promises failure, it’s proof in our cultures! Sorry to say, but most of our afghans in ‘kharij’ (western countries) have lost themselves.

Examples- drinking ‘moderately’ thinking it’s okay! Not praying because only dehati (a term used to describe the backward) ppl do that, or looking down at girls who wear hijab.

They also consider themselves raseeda (advanced)  if they adapt to the western way of life and sense of dressing, but when they open their mouth… they talk like they haven’t completed 10th grade.

Culture is backward and pagan! Islam liberated nations from pagan rituals, culture literally imposes sanctions. For example; in Afg culture- when a girl gets married, she has to have a massive wedding because they have this theory that the more the groom spends, the more he’ll love her. Instead, what implications does this cause? Financial burden for the newly wed couple. Materialism!

Other examples: 

Culture- boys do what they like- club, drink, pre marital sex.. it’s all okay! bacha ast. but for girls, they have to be home by 6pm… sexism, inequality!
Islam- demands equality.

Culture- arranged marriages, you have to marry who your parents chose.
Islam- the girl has the ultimate say and final decision.

Culture- divorce is completely WRONG (especially in Pashton culture). So you live the rest of your life abused by your husband

Islam- Use divorce BUT as your last resort!

Why do u think the world is the way it is? Because gov’ts have substituted religion with secular, man-made systems with so many flaws. Democracy exists in Islamic political/legal systems (and i’m not referring to the Islamic systems we have in the present day Muslim countries). Look at the teachings, not the people. The Ottoman Empire was a system of perfection.

Now for the practical side of things…

Picture this: Your family is a culture loving family and considers culture as ‘Islamic’. So you guys move to ‘Kharij’ a western country. You’re fed up with the cultural issues which don’t make sense, so you rebel, going against it. You replace your parent’s culture with your own culture, the kharijee way… the ‘wrong’ way. Your parents disapprove, and so does the community. 

So, what happened to Islam in the picture?

It was never there, so you’ve lost urself. The only understanding of Islam you have is the Islam your parents fed you.

Culture can not be integrated into the western society because the values clash. Islam can be integrated quite simply. It’s a simple religion as God tells us in the Quran;-

‘This day have I perfected your religion for you,Completed my favor upon u, And have chosen for you Islam as your religion, (Al-Maida 5:3)

So, who are we to judge Islam as ‘backward’? And attempting to modify it!

I am all for Islam!

My advice to the youth of today: Learn Islam for yourself! Research. Analyse. Debate. Most importantly- QUESTION! Don’t expect your parents to hand over Islam to you on a plate, they’re only human and bound to make mistakes.

 Don’t preach with your mouth, preach by your actions- PRACTISE!

Finally, don’t follow what ppl do or say, find out for yourself. The perfect being, Prophet Moh’d left us with two things- The Hadith (his examples) and Quran.

Most ppl think being ‘afghan’ is being ‘muslim’. this where the confusion lies!

Afghans think that culture = religion.

In actual fact;

afghan= culture
muslim= religion

I rest my case!

Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion and this is mine.

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For my muhajebabes*

*muhajiba- a woman who wears hijab, head veil.

Check out this site, it’s hijab styles! DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT follow the clothing sense, it’s appalling. Just the way the scarf is done looks neat and sleek.

The site is in Arabic but the pictures are self explanatory. For all my girls who wear the hijab, make it look classy and chic! Just coz u wear hijab, dont mean u gotta look nasty! Unfortunately, most ignorant (yes, ignorant) afghans consider the hiijab ‘dehati’ (village like) and look down at girls who do wear it.

Wear the hijab and walk it with pride!

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