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Location: Ministry of Interior, Share Naw.

I’m so grateful that i’m alright, alhamdullilah.

It was a normal working day for me… except i was late.

0730hrs Woke up, didn’t feel like going to work, had a shower. Had breakfast with H, said our good byes and left for work.

Got in the car, didn’t feel like reading my novel. Just sat in the car looking outside and making small talk wtih my driver when need be. The traffic was usual, we got to Chaharayee Sedarat, about to turn into the MoI street. The traffic police signalled to give way to passing vehicles when BOOM.

My right ear went pop. I ducked to get a better view of what was happening. The driver told me someone had fired a gun and then he told me that it was a suicide blast when he saw the huge cloud of dark smoke linking the sky to the ground.

My right ear is killing me because of the blast impact.

So, we did a u-turn and detoured. We were heading to  All the phones went dead so it was hard to get through to my security. The worst part was that i wasn’t in an armoured vehicle, it was a normal ‘soft skin’ car.

A wailing police car with a smashed windscreen sped by with bloodied men on their way to the hospital.

H just managed to connect through and i told him i was alright.

I have to make some form of charity that i’m alright, alhamdullilah. Please pray for the families.


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My mouse pad

My Mouse pad

How cool is this?


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Kabul in pictures IV

^ Ohmigawd, Gitmo prisoners have been sent to Kabul to clean the streets as punishment, community service.
^ Pedestrians passing through. Zig zag crossing- Afghan style.
^ Why did the sheep cross the road? To buy a phone card (them dangling things).
^ Guess which school? They recently painted it ugly blue. Lycee Naderia.
^ Polytechnic University. Or as Afghans pronounce it, Puleh takhneek.
^ A smaller side of Kabul University.
^ A recently built university in Karte 3. I love the Iranian-Arab architecture. Will take better pics when i pass by again. Below is also the university

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From my H-jan

Decided to take a few snapshots of things in my room. Here are some of the many things H-jan has spoilt me with.

dsc04765.jpg ^ My Valentines teddy

dsc04693.jpg                                                                       ^ The first bunch of roses H-jan bought for me.

dsc04766.jpg                ^ Meet Khaanum Fattoo and Aqayeh Fatty, aren’t they so adorable? We went shopping together during Eid and came across this. I liked it and H-jan bought it for me. Oh and the Allure perfume behind Khaanum Fattoo, was one of my eidee pressies. O- so- Sweet.

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Afghanistan in pictures

Kabul-Torkham road, Daroonta area.USAID funded Kabul-Kandahar HighwayRoad signsMazar-Kabul roadSalang tunnel- the second highest in the worldMahi Par road


I love these. Panjsher had similar one, except you have to hold the cable and walk over it with no straps attached. You and the cable, and the fast running water beneath you. so much fun but scary at the same time.


Taxi ‘saracha’.


Car wash in Kabul

Daryayeh Kabul

Isn't he cute?

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Itty bitty favourites

beautiful.jpg Ethnic beauty, So sultry!

el.jpg boys will be boys!

zar.jpg Afghan girls, flying higher than the mountains?


helga1.jpg oh my god, who remembers Helga?? ‘Hey Arnold, Hey football head!’


If only… It would be a perfect world!

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On Our Engagement

What does it mean to be engaged
To one you love so much?
It’s open arms and gentle words —
A reassuring touch.

It’s knowing that you have someone
Who never turns away,
Who laughs with you and dries your tears,
Your partner night and day.

It’s opening your very soul
Where all you faults are bared.
It’s joining of two loving hearts,
Commitment made and shared.

It’s hope for all your days to come
And vows to keep for life.
Engagement means you soon will be
A husband and a wife.


Event: Shirnee dadan (Pre Engagement Ceremony)
Venue: Shaam-e-Paris, Kabul, Afghanistan.
Date: 13th December 2007, 5.00pm
Hair and Make up: Hers- Shugofaan ; His- Skin Deep, Ehab (from Dubai).


The interim engagement ring, until we fly to Dubai for my diamond ring! Bracelet- a gift from my mother in law. She knows my taste exactly as is 🙂

Saying farewell to our guests.

Cutting the cake with the grand sword! Our cake was the Eiffel tower… oh so grand!

Yep, she’s engaged!

Can you believe it? I wore Indian initially before i changed into my dress. Still looked good!

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