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This one’s for you A.A… and of course all others who are interested.

Initially, when i arrived to Afghanistan i had the initiative of creating a documentary which will be aired all over Australia. With the S.S’s assistance, we managed to find sponsors. Universities were interested in screening the documentary prior to even seeing it.I had the contribution of Afghan journalists.

Unfortunately, i became occupied in other aspects of my life and the poor security situation restricted my movement.

I began typing my manuscript- a book in the process about an Afghan girl born and raised in Australia trying to integrate in the place she always considered ‘home’- Afghanistan. I reached to great lengths. i figured i needed a more effective method, one that wasn’t so time consuming.

One day while i was surfing the net, i came accross a blog kept buy an afghan guy who had visited Afghanistan. it was incredibly interesting. so i began keepign an online journal (normally, i keep a written journal). From then on, i began typing. kept an account of daily happenings. Eventually, my aim is to convert this blog into a book.

I also wanted to get the message out and accross, not to be too political but just an average person trying to get through life in Kabul. I know for a fact that if i came across a blog like this when abroad, i’ll be extremely curious.

So here i am, months later still typing.

At times i procrastinated, i lagged behind, gave up hope. but it was my friends interest, the comments and emails sent by all you guys that kept me moving. I picked up.

Particularly, one comment left by Kaka B and his support over the phone kept me going. He is an absolute legend, (apart from my parents)he’s helped me through the toughest times of my life. I owe him much gratitude. He looks up to me with such admiration and encouraged me when i felt i was breaking. He has always told me i wasn’t a ‘typical afghan girl’. to this very day, i believe i’m not (no disrespect to others).

Also, W.A occasional emails saying nothing more but ‘shalgham, update your blog.’was enough to get me typing blog essays.

Hope that’s answered your question.

Ba omideh deedaar, khuda negahdaar.

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This is me addressing you live from Kabul.

do you get feedback re your blog?
Yes, all the time! I get emails when i dont update it. I have recieved feedback from Afghans all over the globe thanking me and appreciating what i do. The pleasure is all mine!

Last item you bought:
8 Dvds (it takes me forever to watch it, i like buying em), bed sheet/covers, boots, a classy woolen coat (Qaraqol) it only cost me $400!, music cds, home theatre system for my room.

describe your fashion sense:
classy, chic, elegant and stylish… fashion comes and goes but style is forever. simplicity is elegance- i hate it when girls go overboard. yes, i do buy designer BUT in proportion- i budget my money well.

quantity or quality?
quality! i’d rather have a few genuines than a whole heap of fakes in all aspects of life.

describe your bedroom:
ummm… a neat wardrobe (yes i’m still the same old perfectionist!, my bed, dresser, side tables, my sofa set, home theatre system… what else am i to say? oh yeah and it’s all classy!! lol i like interior designing!

your wardrobe:
neat, categorised!

how many pairs of shoes?
16. i just counted.hey, i have a sense of saving too. I manage my $$ well!

what are you wearing right now?
kalayeh afghani! jokes. i’m wearing my black designer suit and a grey shirt.

how’s the weather?

whats in your handbag right now?
uff such detailed questions. ID card (in case i forget who i am lol), wallet, lipgloss, foundation, eyeliner, perfume- ‘provocative woman’, moisturiser, wet cleansing tissues, digital camera, flash drive, phone, chocolate. i have a special place for each item… yes i know i’m a perfectionist.

can’t leave the house without…
my handbag and all the mentioned items. my bank card!!

how do ppl see you?
oh let me ask… lol. This is exactly whta A.A answered ‘strong personality/character, classy, decisive, u know exactly what u want! loyal, faithful, decent, mature- REPUTATION,CONFIDENCE AND PRIDE lol remember that, u hold urself wit a lotta pride but ur also v down 2 earth. and u dont treat ppl bad but at the same time u wont tolerate being mistreated.you know wat ur worth!’

last person who emailed you?
A.B, dad, S.A, P.W.

three things you like doing…
1) laughing n quality conversation
2) shopping
3) quality time at home

three things that annoy you…
1) dumb ppl/ immaturity/ blondes
2) fake ppl
3) ppl with no manners (especially at the dining table!!)

last movie you watched…
Meet Joe Black- depiction of elegance.

ba omideh deedaar, khuda negahdaar.

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I am who I am- the best of two cultures held high by the universal religion, Islam!

I finally managed to get that assignment done… yay! Submitted it online last night.Nothing major today, spent the day indoors again. Didn’t study at all, my brains suffering from information overload at the moment thanks to my essay. Have to hit the books again tomorrow.

It’s 12.30am and TV is on (Tolo channel, of course). All else is asleep like the rest of Afghanistan. Ahmad Zahir just came on ‘bakhuda tang ast dilam, tang ast dilam, tang ast dilam’ (one of my favourite songs).

Sayaf’s house was raided today by Coalition forces in search of weapons and ammunition. It’s funny considering he’s an MP and a representative of the Karzai gov’t. (I won’t delve into politics! Too sleepy…)

Got nothing else to say.

I had a dream last night, all my friends were graduating university… but me! *sigh*

Oh yeah, A.A asked me today ‘what about Australia?’ Mate, I still call Australia home. If it weren’t for Australia, I wouldn’t be here today. I appreciate everything Australia has given me and it will always be my home for as long as it welcomes me. The bond that my parents have with Afghanistan, I guess I have the same bond with Australia. I grew up there, I have lived all my life there. Australia has given me the education and the expertise to help Afghanistan. It would be selfish of me if I didn’t acknowledge that. Right now, I get a sick feeling in my stomach just thinking about Australia because I miss it. But Afghanistan is in desparate need of me. Australia will always be my ‘sunburnt country’!

Ba omideh deedaar, khuda negahdaar.

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Are you staying there forever?

No, maybe for a year or two maximum. I miss Australia already! I miss my friends, my car, my life, my uni! But even if i don’t come back for good, I’ll definitely come back to visit! Depends on what I can do here in Afghanistan.

What do you do when you’re not out?

Stay home (duh!!) with a hot chocolate in front of the heater, reading a book, on my laptop or watching TV. There’s an Afghan TV channel ‘Tolo’ that’s owned by Melbournian Afghans! Studies are keeping me busy! But usually we have people coming over so i’m up and about!

Hows life at home?

It’s great! Sometimes, for inspiration I look out the window and just watch people get on with everyday life! You see kids on bikes, then there are the rich ones riding around in Landcruisers and Lexus 4Wds. Kids playing cricket on the street, Guys showing off with their cars hitting on girls. It’s all new to me but i’m loving every bit of it!

Hows the night life?

I’m a good girl! lol. Night life is excellent because you can go about and do things and you realised that it’s all within the boundaries. There’s heaps of fun out at the markets and shopping centres. Only been a week i’ve arrived, give me time to get used to the place!

Hows the shopping?

EXCELLENT! Surprisingly our economy is doing much better than Pakistans. $1Aus buys 37 Afghanis whereas it buys 48 Rupees. Secondly, the shopping complexes are much more advanced and ahead than Pakistan. I haven’t been shopping around much, just getting around at orphanages and applying for jobs etc.

Hows lifestyle?

Better than i expected! I thought the men would go all ga ga over women but they’re true gentlemen! They don’t bump sinto you ‘accidently’ like they do in Pakistan even if they have 5metres of space next to them. And I can dress normal like i did in Australia because it’s normal to do so here. Unlike Pakistan where i had to wear all the Indian crap which i HATED! I’m so glad i’m out of there!

You gonna work there or study?

Both! I’m finishing off my second degree (BLaw) and I’m also looking for a job. My dads cousin founder of ‘ Mahbobas Promise’ wants me to work with her and help out with the orphanage! Basically, my number one enemy at the moment is poverty and alcohol in Afghanistan.

Wots gonna happen??????

I don’t know! I’m taking everyday as it comes. Usually I would have my whole year planned out. But this place is unpredictable. I’m open to changes so we’ll see what happens! I’ll keep you informed!

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