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Greetings from Pakistan

My 4th day here. So much to write about. I’m married now and very happy alhamdullilah ūüôā

the weather is nice and warm, but i’ve been feeling very sick.

The henna night- Monday 14th April, Kabul Paris.

The day started off pretty bad, was kind of upset. the henna night itself went very well. Everyone had lots of fun, a very traditional evening.

The Nikah night- Wednesday 16th April, my place.

This was done with only a few people. Why a few people, because they wanted to avoid anyone from doing any harm via black magic. the Mullah gave H and I a ‘jadoo band’ (black magic blocker). Apparently, any black magic done during the Nikah (in most cases) can never be undone.

The Wedding- Thursday 17th April, Kabul Ariana.

i’m very happy with the way things turned out. Our photographer took very nice (and un-fobish) pics. Almost felt like the wedding wasn’t in kabul.

I will post more detail about the wedding when i get the time. Right now, i’m freaking out because Tootie (the family parrot) is wandering around and i’m scared it might bite. also not feeling too well.

I have apparently been given the ‘evil eye’. Yesterday i was perfectly fine, getting my hands henna embroidered (i know, i don’t like henna… but hey, it’s not too bad). After i finished i went to the bathroom, then i just laid on my bed and my tummy was aching really badly. It started at 4.30pm and by 10pm it was still going on.

My father in law and my sis in law, M, went with me to the hospital where i was drugged til i could no longer walk or talk or think properly. They also took blood tests and other tests.  We returned home at around 12am.

Have visitors now. Be back soon with pics.


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I’m back!

Back from my wedding shopping trip to Dubai and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It felt so good getting out of here, i feel revived and energised.

So, how was the trip? Great! I went with my other half, did a lot of shopping, sightseeing, relaxed on the beach, shopping, shopping and more shopping. Malaysia has always been one of my favourite places.

We bought a diamond engagement ring; a brilliant round cut, F clarity, Half a carat, on white gold, GIA certified. to be precise. It’s absolutely stunning!

Wedding dress- Off white, very ‘un-afghan’ and simple. No beaded embroidery. I love it! We got it from Dubai, a London based shop.

Veil- Cathedral length, just as good as the dress.

Bands- White gold, plain, around 5 mm wide.

I bought lots of shoes, watches, a new phone (Nokia, of course!) scarves, handbags etc.

Dubai was alright, not as good as i expected! There aren’t any historical sites¬†or culture, it gave off a cold look. It’s just too new. and the shopping isn’t all that. Malaysia is better!

Malaysia, a beauty as always!

Will post pics soon. Have a lot of office work to deal with right now. Wedding is less than a month away, half way there.

Oh and afg new years, my in laws came to Afghanistan¬†with pressies. It’s tradition that they bring the bride a¬†few pairs of¬†clothes, jewelry, fish and jelabee. The brides family buys presents for each member of the family that comes on that day so tthat they don’t leave empty handed.

So much to plan for the wedding… and so much office-work. So you’ll know why i’m lazy when it comes to posting.

As for Kabul airport, it’s still a joke! We flew KamAir Airlines (supposedly one of the ‘best’) to Dubai and then with Emirates to KL, Malaysia. I thought KamAir would drop any moment! Wasn’t so bad, wasn’t good either. Food sucked! No TVs either.

The luggage screening was a bigger joke. The uniformed guard sat with his legs crossed looking (staring, rather) at passer bys. Totally ignoring the screen, he probably missed a few¬†prohibited items¬†in the process. Ppl kept loading their bags one¬†on top of¬†the other (instead of putting it besides each other)¬†for it to be screened. I watched on. Some luggages rope tied, others Glad-wrapped in plastic. They weren’t suitcases, most local passengers had their load in huge bed sheets.

It was then my phone rang…¬†shocking news…

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