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I’m getting married!

I’m getting married! I can’t believe it. It hasn’t hit me yet that it’s MY wedding. I’ve planned weddings before (which is why i’m such an expert) but never thought my wedding date would so close.

But it’s looming, i can almost smell it. (Okay, i don’t know why i wrote that)**cringe**

Nevertheless, I’ve planned for so much of it. The veil, my dress, bridesmaids dresses, flower girls dresses, the hairstyle, the venue… but not yet the date. My other half is returning to Kabul tomorrow bakhayr (Yayy!!). We will be working together towards the date which will be around June/July/August. Vague, huh?

My ideal place is the Baagh Baalah hotel, an ex-castle! H-jan hasn’t seen it yet, and has no idea what i’m talking about it (perhaps, because it’s deserted) but it’s an absolute beauty. The inside is like the Titanic, no exaggeration. I will take photos in the next few days when i go with H-jan and show him. If i can’t have the wedding there, then at least it can be the photography location.

This is what i’ve come up with so far:

Dress- Mermaid, figure hugging. With a long train (as per 2008 runway) Yet to be decided.

Veil- Cathedral length (at least 6 inches longer than the dress). Think Princess Mary veil, hair and tiara.

Rings- White gold and diamond (Solitaire, princess cut) from Dubai

Venue- Baagh Balaah hotel, One of the international ballrooms, not sure.

Photography location- Definitely baagh balaah hotel.

Honeymoon destination- Europe or States.

 Inshallah, if all goes well!

Anyways, my head is spinning. I’ve been looking up wedding dresses all day. Won’t be working tomorrow (thankfully!)

Going to buy a diary. Right now, i’ve printed a calender and use that as a diary. Sad, huh?

i went to the Bookseller of Kabul book store in Charayeh Sedarat, but they don’t sell diaries. Not fair!

I won’t chuck a tantie.

Ba omideh deedaar, khuda negahdaar.

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