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The BBC’s Harun Nazafijada in Kabul says: I can see a number of girls with make-up wearing jeans and mini-skirts voting in a school. There are women in burkas too. Many of the women voters seems to be students.

Mini skirts in Kabul???? HA! What a liar!!!  Men and women polling centres are segregated, he can’t even see women. Why is he reporting falsely?!

Turn out has been low. Security situation in Afg has been terrible. Two explosions (or more) have happened in Kabul and rocket attacks in Kandahar killing a child. I’m following the elections closely – i hope the situation improves!

I truly hope Abdullah squared (Abdullah Abdullah = Abdullah squared… get it?)  does NOT win. Northern Alliance is even more dangerous than the Taliban (I second Malalai Joya on that!) Northern Alliance has killed more people than the Taliban. I’m all for Karzai, Ghani or Bashardost! C’mon guys!!!

Will keep you updated…

Update 10.58am-

  • Fighting in Karteh Naw – Militants are seeking refuge and shooting from a house. There are reports of three loud explosions at the house in the capital where a firefight is ongoing between gunmen described as militants and international forces.
  • Khost has run out of ballot papers
  • Two other provinces including Kunduz cannot punch holes in the registration cards because their machines don’t work.
  • 3 polling stations in Ghazni has been closed due to threats.
  • BBC in Kabul: One Afghan poll official said he thinks more reporters may have showed up than voters.
  • Ramazan Bashardost says that the indellible ink is easily washed off (Al Jazeera). This is supposed to have stayed on the finger for 2 weeks. This prevents people from voting twice. Not good…

will keep updating…

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