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3.02pm. Listening to 92.9fm (Australian radio station). The song ‘according to you’ just blasted on.

I’m alone in the office, weather outside is cloudy and grim.

2days ago my sister, bro in law and a colleague along with the driver and bodyguard hit the roads to discover Kabul. We went to Darulaman Palace, Karteh 4 and Karteh 3. Darulaman Palace despite the rubble is still stunning!

Will post some pictures soon.

Work is quiet, which I kind of don’t mind. Normally I like being busy, busy, busy, busy!!! It’s still all good because I know it’s temporary 🙂

If things went as planned, today I would have been in Dubai and tomorrow in the US. Inshallah, Khair! So no regrets 🙂

Until next time…

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Kabul in pictures IV

^ Ohmigawd, Gitmo prisoners have been sent to Kabul to clean the streets as punishment, community service.
^ Pedestrians passing through. Zig zag crossing- Afghan style.
^ Why did the sheep cross the road? To buy a phone card (them dangling things).
^ Guess which school? They recently painted it ugly blue. Lycee Naderia.
^ Polytechnic University. Or as Afghans pronounce it, Puleh takhneek.
^ A smaller side of Kabul University.
^ A recently built university in Karte 3. I love the Iranian-Arab architecture. Will take better pics when i pass by again. Below is also the university

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Kabul in snow

I’m actually proud of me for taking such good pics, don’t you think it’s nice? Especially the first one!

Or maybe it’s the camera.. ehehe

By the way, these pics were taken when we visited my grandads grave.

Speaking of my grandad, i dreamt of him for the first time. We were sitting in the room, he entered. Broad and tall, filling the doorway. Sitting on the floor, i look up at him and find him smiling down at us. Dad was also in the room. Grandad came and sat on the floor, on the tooshak with his walking stick beside him, wearing his checkered vest over his peraan tombaan it was the first time since his death that i dreamt about him. I’m glad it was a good dream, hamdulillah 🙂






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