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Taliban stance…

Since then there have been persistent reports that the Taleban is worried that its credibility is being damaged, not just by the anarchy and violence the war has unleashed but also by charges of criminal behaviour. “There is a very big increase in the number of criminals in the Taleban in Helmand,” Mullah Mansoor said. “When someone grows poppy and the Government tries to stop him he says ‘I am a Taleb, you can’t touch me’. When he is a robber he says ‘I am a Taleb, you can’t touch me’; when he kills someone he says ‘I am a Taleb, you can’t touch me’.” It is a charge that undermines the Taleban’s strongest suit: its reputation for bringing security and impartial, if brutal, justice. (Mullah Mansoor cited in The Times newspaper)

Basically criminals are claiming to be a member of the Taliban faction to scare off authorities who will charge them! I’m not surprised! I really am not!

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