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Back in Kabul

Yep. Back in Kabul. New job. New room. I’m in an underground safe room with armoured doors and windows and a food chest filled with food and water. Sounds depressing, huh? It’s not that bad. I still have my 9 suitcases unpacked and sitting around the room since we might be changing rooms. Thankfully I haven’t started working yet, still not over the jet lag! I start on the 1st.

We arrived a week ago, did the usual thing we always do spend a few nights in Dubai (which is way more than enough!) and then we hit Kabul. The last week in the US was HECTIC, It was just shop and pack and shop and pack. Of course, I bought way more than I need. I forgot the boatload of clothes and shoes I had left in Kabul. A girl can never have enough shoes and clothes.

Has Kabul changed? Not really. Things are still the same, security is a little less tighter which makes it worrisome. Does this mean that the new ‘Ring of Steel’ that’s being implemented is strong enough to protect Kabul or does it mean that they need another attack to bring up the security? I hope it’s the former.

Oh yes, a new wedding hall has opened. Surprise! It was under construction when we left. We’d guess what it was. hubby was saying it’s a shopping centre (pfft, yeah right!) and I was saying it’s a wedding hall since we don’t have enough in Kabul. And sure enough it’s a Las vegas meets Disney World wedding hall. heeeeeeeeehehehe. And so a relative of H’s is getting married this Friday. I find weddings in Kabul a bore! You can’t talk to the person next to you because the music is just clanking in your head. You can’t see the bride and groom coz they’re nowhere in sight and then there’s the bazillion kids running amuck. But that’s a different topic to blog about. And believe you me, it will be blogged about.

Hubby and I thought we could get out of this one, but no.

Oh, and the non stop questions why we’re not expecting a baby and the disappointment. One of H’s distant (and I mean D I S T A N T) relatives had the courage to tell us to have babies so that our families can get happy. What a wrong excuse to have kids. And it doesn’t help when some of my hubby’s inlaws who married a month before our 6 month trip are expecting to pop any minute. They think nagging will do! Go and get your own daughters married off and nag them. SHEESH, WOMAN!
Ah well, my excuse to them is our beloved President Karzai didn’t have a baby until he was in his 50s.

Almost done with my Masters, it’s my final semester! and then moving on to my JD… woohooooo!

The bell just rang, it’s lunch time…

Go on, get outta ‘ere…

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