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3.02pm. Listening to 92.9fm (Australian radio station). The song ‘according to you’ just blasted on.

I’m alone in the office, weather outside is cloudy and grim.

2days ago my sister, bro in law and a colleague along with the driver and bodyguard hit the roads to discover Kabul. We went to Darulaman Palace, Karteh 4 and Karteh 3. Darulaman Palace despite the rubble is still stunning!

Will post some pictures soon.

Work is quiet, which I kind of don’t mind. Normally I like being busy, busy, busy, busy!!! It’s still all good because I know it’s temporary 🙂

If things went as planned, today I would have been in Dubai and tomorrow in the US. Inshallah, Khair! So no regrets 🙂

Until next time…

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