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On Our Engagement

What does it mean to be engaged
To one you love so much?
It’s open arms and gentle words —
A reassuring touch.

It’s knowing that you have someone
Who never turns away,
Who laughs with you and dries your tears,
Your partner night and day.

It’s opening your very soul
Where all you faults are bared.
It’s joining of two loving hearts,
Commitment made and shared.

It’s hope for all your days to come
And vows to keep for life.
Engagement means you soon will be
A husband and a wife.


Event: Shirnee dadan (Pre Engagement Ceremony)
Venue: Shaam-e-Paris, Kabul, Afghanistan.
Date: 13th December 2007, 5.00pm
Hair and Make up: Hers- Shugofaan ; His- Skin Deep, Ehab (from Dubai).


The interim engagement ring, until we fly to Dubai for my diamond ring! Bracelet- a gift from my mother in law. She knows my taste exactly as is 🙂

Saying farewell to our guests.

Cutting the cake with the grand sword! Our cake was the Eiffel tower… oh so grand!

Yep, she’s engaged!

Can you believe it? I wore Indian initially before i changed into my dress. Still looked good!

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It’s official (according to me) winter is here! My jacket has come out and i think soon enough it will be my scarf, gloves and boots. I resent cold weather! But i’m looking forward to snow season.

I forgot to mention yesterday, i dreamt of this wall size fish tank. It was the most beautiful piece of work i had ever seen. The glass had a slight convex shape with clear water and excellent lighting. There were goldfishes swimming. Later i had my dream deciphered and it defined success, honour and dignity! thank god.

My grandfathers fatiha resulted in a massive turn out. Over 2000 men attended at the mosque to offer their condolences. Ladies fatiha was held at home and the men’s fatiha was held at the mosque. There were politicians, close friends, distant friends- everyone had attended. Among them Mojaddidi (former interim president of Afghanistan, Younos Qanooni (Parliament Chairman), Dr Abdullah Abdullah (former Foreign minister, currently working in ‘Massood Foundation’) and of course Sayaaf.

Obviously fatiha’s recieve publicity and is broadcasted on the radio. When my Grandfathers death was mentioned on the radio, it was explained that he was Sayaaf’s cousin. After the event ended, Sayaaf left the mosque when two rockets targeting the first car (Sayaafs car) of the convoy exploded causing minor injuries and shattering the car windows. Thankfully, no killings or major injuries.

I got home from work and recieved this news instantly. Overall, we recieved positive feedback from people who had attended saying it was well organised. I felt a little bad, i should have stayed home with my family that day.

We spent quality time that evening with my family. Reflecting on old memories with my grandfather. Talking about the good times. Honestly, i dont recall any negative moments with my grandfather. May he be blessed.

My fingers have frost bite and it’s very cold. I need to get some work done.

Ba Omideh deedaar, khuda negahdaar…

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Perhaps what you heard may not be exactly what you wish to have heard, but my
answer was based on what you had stated. I don’t want to make your past seem as
though it’s haunting you. You seemed like an excellent person and I
sincerely wish you all the best in your future endeavours
. I may never be able to tell you this due to cultural impediments, but i hope someday you’ll understand that certain people aren’t made for you- not me. I pray that God heals your wounds and ends your pain and may you successfully complete your journey in finding your soul mate.

Finally found some time to put in the latest entry. Well, there isn’t much to put in anyways. Not much has been happening, at least not that i can disclose.

I’ll hook up some photoes soon!

No bombings or attacks ended up taking place at the festival. What a shame I didn’t go! We ended up going to Paghman on the day as we were invited over there for lunch.

Good news! One of my girls is shopping for me in Perth, yay! Love you, B.B. Can’t wait to recieve it!

Been notified by university that i am due for graduation this semester. Wonder if i will be able to attend my graduation. Hmmm….

All else is good, i miss Farkhunda HEAPS!

Will enter more soon.

Ba omideh something interesting happens.. khuda negahdaar

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My favouritest-est-est-est-est Afghan TV host.Most hosts are inexperienced. But Mustafa from Tolo and this other chick (don’t know her name) play it pretty well…
Har roozeh taan Nawrooz, Nawroozetaan behrooz- Saaleh naw mubarak!
Omidhaa wa khushihayeh nawetan mubarak.
Bahaar amad.. Khush amadi,
naw rooz amad.. Khush amadi
Yep, AFGHAN new year (March 21)! and SPRING is HERE!!! According to UNESCO it’s the year of Rumi (YAY!!!). Here are translations of a few poems by my favourite poet- Jalaladin Rumi Balkhi.
I want to be where your bare foot walks,
because maybe before you step,
you’ll look at the ground.
I want that blessing.
In your lightI learn how to love.I
n your beauty, how to make poems.
You dance inside my chest,where no one sees you,
but sometimes I do,
and that sight becomes this art (poetry).
Celebrations very different to Australia’s New Year. Approximately 2 million people gathered in Mazari Sharif at Caliph Ali’s tomb (or that’s what they believe).One of the best Buzkashi games took place yesterday, organised by Fahim. I REALLY wanted to go (even though it’s not recommended for women! But, who cares?! It’s once a year, or in my case first in my life). Un-very-fortunately, it coincided with the Nawrooz concert – Naqib Nekan and Rayhana @ Asia Hotel. They had two sessions- one for families during the day, and another for the ‘bachelor’ guys at 6pm. Of course, we went during the day. Concert was very different, no one danced- i’m assuming it was due to the parents’ presence. Once again, Kabul surprised me. Much better than expected (even though the singers were lip syncing).
It was organised by Tolo (a TV channel owned by Melbournian Afghans), and OMG i saw my favouritest-est-est-est-est-est Afghan TV host, Mustafa. I smuggled my phone camera in there and i managed to get a bit of him on camera… until the ‘cops’ came in. He literally yelled at me for filming and told me that he’ll confiscate my phone *blush* Mustafa was on stage, and he interrupted himself (thanks to me :()to tell everyone cameras weren’t allowed. ARGH!!! *pulls out hair* how embarrasing.. hahaha (see the pic i managed to take, blurry but better than nothing ;)) my first afghan celebrity that i met hehehe
We left the hall as soon as the concert was over to prevent human and traffic jams. As usual, an Afghan guy followed me talking ENGLISH on the phone with a heavy Afghan accent. What exactly is he trying to prove? *rolls eyes*. My sisters and I made our way to the car, until my sister started screaming ‘oh my god, look back…’ Thinking it was the English speaking Afghan Accent dude, i refused to look anywhere but ahead until we got into the car. After getting into the car, i saw a familiar face on a mobile phone walking past the car. ‘OH MY GOD… THERE’S TOLO DUDE,’ I squealed. ‘Duh, why do u think i told you to turn around.’ My sister rolled her eyes. But she didn’t mention names, she said ‘he’ 😦 but i took out my video camera and seized the Kodak moment. He knew i was filming and started acting like he was on the phone. Crack up!
Evening, we went to mums relatives place for Samanak. BUT everything was over, they had made samanak already 😦 At least i got to see the pot they made it in, and the long ladle.
My new years resolution? Described perfectly in one of Rumi’s poems.
Who makes these changes?
I shoot an arrow right. It lands left.
I ride after a deer and find myself chased by a hog.
I plot to get what I want and end up in prison.
I dig pits to trap others and fall in.
I should be suspicious of what I want.
The minute I’m disappointed
I feel encouraged.
when I’m ruined
I’m healed.
When I’m quiet
and solid as the ground
Then I talk
the low tones of thunder
for everyone
Hmm.. i’m expecting the unexpected! And speaking of the unexpected, i’m pretty upset.. university isn’t going too well. University won’t allow me to study my units externally- comprises of tests which needs to be completed at uni. Not sure what to do, i’t’s my final semester!
Ba omideh deedaar, khuda negahdaar!
PS if you left me a comment, i’ve posted a reply just below your entry :o)

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