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Dear Maurizio

In my previous entry, Maurizio from Italy posted a comment:

maurizio said…
Hi..i speak about your blog in my program on a radio,Contatto Radio from Carrara,Italy..If you want to write something about Kabul i like to take your words on the radio..You can listen to our radio in streaming on http://www.contattoradio.it and talk with me live on messenger from 10,30 to 12,30 on Monday with chat@contattoradio.it

First of all I would like to thank you for your enthusiasm towards my blog. As you may know, i instigated this blog with the intention to portray the image of Kabul from the perspective of an Afghan girl born and raised in Australia. This is not kept for any political rationale. Although i write about recent occurings, i tend to keep it objective and neutral.

I would more than happily participate in your radio. It’s a shame i can not understand Italian. But regardless of our different languages and culture, peace and hope is a universal language.

I shall email you in the near future to discuss future endeavours.

As for my other readers, i will update you about my weekend soon.

ba omideh deedaar, khuda negahdaar.

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